911 calls capture terrifying final moments of two Texas sisters shot by mother

Posted at 2:07 AM, Jun 29, 2016
“Please don’t point the gun at us … I beg you, please put it away.”
Authorities have reportedly released 911 calls capturing the final moments of two Texas sisters shot dead by their own mother. Madison Sheats, 17, and Taylor Sheats, 22, both called 911 before their mother, Christy Sheats, shot them to death.
The incident happened Friday in a neighborhood just west of Houston.
On the 911 recording released Tuesday, Christy’s husband and the girls’ father, Jason Sheats, could be heard begging his wife to put the gun down. It was Jason’s birthday.

“Please don’t point the gun at us … I beg you, please put it away,” Jason Sheats pleads in the recording. “I’m sorry. I promise you, whatever you want … “
Meanwhile, Taylor and Madison can be heard screaming frantically in the background.
According to KHOU, which cites a family friend, Christy had a gun hidden inside the cushions of a couch when she called a family meeting inside her home. That’s when she pulled out the weapon.
Jason tried pushing the girls out the front door, but Madison was shot and killed just as she made it outside.
Taylor was shot once inside the home but made it outside, where Christy followed her and shot her again.
Christy went back inside the home, where she reloaded her gun before coming back out and shooting Taylor a third time. 
"She's coming back again. Oh!!! She shot her again. The female that was lying on the ground," a neighbor tells a 911 dispatcher in a separate call.
Jason was able to get away from his wife unharmed.
Police soon arrived to the home, where they shot and killed Christy after she refused to drop her weapon.
Witnesses said before the shootings, Christy yelled that she wanted her husband to suffer. Madison Davey, a family friend, said the couple had marital problems. Davey also said that Taylor was set to marry her longtime boyfriend on Monday.