7-year-old writes fake note from teacher so he can play video games

Posted at 7:51 AM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 09:09:52-04

You've heard of kids making up excuses to stay home from school, but a 7-year-old boy took it to another level. The Utah second grader pretended to write a letter from his teacher, so he can stay up late and play video games!

Nathan Anderson's letter read: "Dear Parents, Nathan has been doing well in all of his classes, except VIDEO GAME CLASS. If he does not stay up all night playing video games, he will get kicked out of school!"

"Start letting him stay up all night, and start tonight," the letter continued. "He can play anything: computer, Wii, iPod, iPad, iphone, and any electronick. From, The School."

Nathan's mom laughed at the note, but he got his wish. His mom did let him stay up an extra half hour past his bed time.