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$5 per gallon gas could be coming soon for California, as US gas prices rise

Gas prices
Posted at 3:57 PM, Feb 16, 2022

On Wednesday California gas prices hit a record high of at least $4.72 a gallon, on average according to AAA's gas prices map.

As CNN Business reported, multiple factors, including a switch to renewable fuel sources, could see gas prices rising nationally. According to AAA, the U.S. national average for regular-grade gasoline was at $3.51. The previous highest recorded average price for regular unleaded was $4.11.

While the Ukraine crisis presents the U.S. with a foreign policy threat, it's also pushing gasoline prices higher at home. And that's a growing political problem for President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats.

With this year's congressional elections in sight, inflation has become an albatross for the party, as the Associated Press reports. Biden wants to put the focus on how much the Russian threat on the Ukraine border is contributing to the gas price rise. That message may be lost on Americans who just see how much fuel is costing at the pump. Republicans are happy to put the blame on the Democrats.

But, gas prices could take a while before they go down, experts warn.

Last year, the White House urged OPEC oil producers to try and find a way to combat rising gasoline prices, Bloomberg reported. There was a push back on increasing supply. Biden announced the release of 50 million barrels of crude oil from stockpiles controlled by the government in Texas and Louisiana salt caverns.