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Biden says Pittsburgh bridge that collapsed will be rebuilt

Joe Biden Pittsburgh
Posted at 11:47 AM, Jan 28, 2022

President Joe Biden viewed the site of a collapsed road bridge in Pittsburgh Friday, moments before he was slated to speak in the city about a newly-passed infrastructure package.

Biden arrived in the city at about mid-day and immediately traveled to Frick Park, the site of the collapse of the Forbes Ave. bridge.

Standing with Pittsburgh city officials, Biden noted that it was a miracle that no one was killed. He also commented on the fact that Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other American city.

Ten people were injured by the bridge collapse. Three of them were taken to a hospital for treatment

During his address, Biden said the Forbes Ave. bridge will be rebuilt along with thousands of others across the country.

"We don't need headlines saying that someone was killed when the next bridge collapses," the president said.

Biden's $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed both the House and Senate with bipartisan support. The legislation includes $500 billion in federal funding for the nation's roads and bridges.

Biden linked the infrastructure law to his economic agenda, saying the law will create good-paying jobs.

He became passionate when discussing parents who struggle to pay for childcare.

"It strips you of your dignity, (expletive). Can you imagine looking at your child, and you know what they need, and not be able to do it," Biden said.

The president said the federal government is investing in the future to create more jobs and help the middle class.

“The middle class built this country," Biden said.