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Wisconsin drivers take advantage of gas prices dipping below $1 per gallon

Posted at 4:04 PM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 16:04:51-04

WISCONSIN — Coronavirus is having an impact at the pump.

AAA reports the U.S. demand for gas dropped nearly 44% since late February as people avoid travel in attempt to remain healthy.

The gas price was $1.86 nationwide on April 13, and in Wisconsin that price is even lower.

Statewide, the average gas price is $1.30, down from $2.80 during the same time in 2019.

All throughout southeast Wisconsin, gas prices are dipping below $1 per gallon.

Customers purchased gas for $0.99 per gallon at the Clark Gas Station near Howell Ave. and Boden St. on Milwaukee's south side.

At Woodman's in Waukesha, gas was just $0.89 on Tuesday morning, the same as the Kwik Trip down the street.

"I came a little bit out of my way because its only 89 cents per gallon," said Jenna Strobel who said it was the cheapest she had ever bought. "I can barely believe it. I filled up my gas tank for $11. Unbelievable!"

With the Governor's 'Safer at Home' order is still in place, road trips and long joy rides are less likely to be the result of these plummeting gas prices, but drivers are still excited.

"I have to buy gas anyway so it’s amazing when its this low," said Strobel.

Both she and another customer, June Martin, are essential workers who are commuting amid the ongoing pandemic.

"I hope all of this coronavirus can go away so we can go back to living normal," said Martin, who can't remember the last time gas prices were just low.

For now, both drivers say they're letting the low gas prices fuel their spirits as they wait for coronavirus to go away.

This story was originally published on WTMJ.