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Zaching Against Cancer: Non-profit goes virtual to help cancer patients and caregivers

Posted at 9:17 PM, Oct 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-13 23:17:33-04

For years the strength of Zachary Lederer has been inspiring people all over the world.

With a flex and a will to beat cancer he and his family have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer research and funding for patients.

Because of the pandemic they can’t have their fundraising gala in person.

So, they’ve teamed up with local leaders and businesses for the $100 Grand Challenge.

They're asking 1000 people to donate $100 each.

Zach’s initial goal with his flexing picture was to let the people who love him know he’d be okay.

“After the removal of the tumor he sat up in bed in the ICU in the recovery room and he made this pose flexing his muscles,”said Zach’s Mother Christine Lederer. “He said take my picture. He looked horrible and his father and I said no lay down so we did. Immediately he had his laptop and he put it on Facebook.”

The pose spread quickly with celebrities and thousands of people Zaching Against Cancer.

“He handled his cancer diagnosis with nothing but bravery and he never worried about himself,” Lederer said. “He was worried about the younger kids down the hall. He was very public with his fight against cancer.”

While cancer took his life, his fighting spirit has given so many others a chance.

Zach started this foundation and his family and friends keep it going.

Felecia Fleming, the Executive Director of Zaching Against Cancer, is proud of her children and all of Zach’s friends who are stepping up to grow the orginization.

“They are carrying on Zach’s mission,” Fleming said. “They are educating people about our foundation and what we’re doing.”

The group helps caregivers and patients with “little things” to get their mind off of cancer.

“She was a caregiver and her husband was battling cancer and that was something he would normally do,” said Fleming. “Because he was so sick, he couldn’t do it so that was something we were able to help them with. It’s not a lot but to them it’s huge.”

The 100 grand challenge ends Saturday with a big virtual party hosted by DJ Kopec.

To donate and learn more click here.