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White Marsh fatal shooting tied to road rage

18-year-old charged in woman's murder
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Posted at 3:11 PM, May 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-23 18:23:32-04

WHITE MARSH, Md. — Officers responding to a call for a person suffering from a heart attack discovered something quite different when they arrived on Silver Spring Road in White Marsh in the wee hours of the morning on May 14th.

“Upon their arrival, they discovered a victim, Miss Whitney Hoover, who was suffering from a gun shot wound,” said Baltimore County Police Det. Trae Corbin. “She was pronounced deceased at the scene. Through our investigation, our detectives were able to determine that this incident might be what we call a road rage incident.”

The driver of a white BMW says he and 27-year-old Hoover were traveling westbound on Philadelphia Road when a light gray Toyota began to “brake check” him for about two miles.

When the driver attempted to pass the car, a shot rang out and Hoover slumped over in the front passenger seat struck by a single bullet to the side of her head.

Police have now arrested 18-year-old Justin Allen and have charged him with First-Degree-Murder.

According to court records, in January, Allen reported an accident in that same vehicle and the responding officer had on a body-worn camera, which would become vital in solving this case.

Allen had given the officer his cell phone number at the time, which police in the road rage incident used to place him at the scene, along with surveillance video of his car trailed by the white BMW as it passed Big Falls Inn about the time that the two vehicles began to engage each other.

“Our advice would be just to avoid the whole situation,” said Corbin. “If you need to pull over, pull over and then call 911 so that way we can go ahead and try to rectify the issue. Don’t get into a back and forth with these individuals, because honestly, it can come up catastrophic unfortunately.”

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