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‘We’re waiting and ready’: Anne Arundel County preps for incoming snow

Posted at 11:12 PM, Jan 06, 2022

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. — Snow plows are on standby as Maryland awaits the next round of winter weather. Parts of the viewing area are expected to get up to four inches of snow.

“We’ve got probably 30 bags of salt,” said Alicia Swieczkowski.

When it comes to being winter storm ready Alicia Swieczkowski and her pickup truck are ready. All that’s needed is the snow headed our way.

WMAR-2 News found Alicia and her workmate sitting on standby in Glen Burnie.

“The last snowstorm we wound up working 36 hours total,” she said. “So, I’m sure tonight we’re going be working somewhere between 9 and 36 hours.

“The money outweighs the cold,” said Ira Carter. “The money weighs more than the cold. Everybody’s happy with the money. Everybody’s happy with the work. It’s easy work. Some people don’t want anybody to be out in the cold but i like the cold.”

Also putting in the extra hours, crews with the Maryland State Highway Administration.

MDOT told WMAR-2 News crews across the state are ready to clear any and all snow accumulation on the roadways.

“We do have a full deployment that’s going to be out during the overnight hours because that’s when the bulk of the storm is going to really start up,” said MDOT spokesperson, Charlie Gischlar. “So we have up to 2,700 pieces of equipment that we can rely on there so we will be covered."

Drivers are also making sure they're covered. Plenty of people were found gassing up.

This Uber and Lyft driver says the last thing he wants is to find himself stranded in the snow.

“Right after this I’m going home and letting the dogs out really quick and grabbing a go bag,” said Kurt Bauman. “I’ll also grab a couple blankets, some water some protein bars things like that. Hopefully I don’t need it but if there’s any day that I want to put that in the car it’s probably today to hopefully avoid a repeat of Monday.”