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'We're sick and tired of looking at it': Abandoned dump truck is leaking fuel at Baltimore's Northwest Park

Abandoned dump truck is leaking fuel at Baltimore's Northwest Park
Posted at 9:36 PM, Nov 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-05 18:26:08-04

BALTIMORE — An abandoned dump truck has become more than an eyesore for a Mount Washington neighborhood.

Neighbors noticed it recently started leaking fuel. Despite multiple reports to 311 and emails to their city councilman, the truck has remained in the parking lot.

"Frankly, we're sick and tired of looking at it and reporting it to the city," said Jill Yesco.

"I first noticed the truck back in February," said Steven Frantz.

"We've all been talking about it and trying to get it removed," said Rebecca Bark.

The truck has no license plate and has been sitting in the parking lot of Northwest Park, the driver is now where to be found.

"We just want it gone," said Frantz. "If somebody wants to sell it to me for $1, I will take ownership of it and get rid of it. That's the extent I’m willing to go."

WMAR-2 News looked up the trucks USDOT number. Records show the truck belongs to J. Logan Enterprises Inc. The trucks operating status is currently active.

Reporter Dave Detling stopped by the company's address in Towson. No one answered the door at the Queens Ferry Road home but someone was watching over the Ring System. Calls to J. Logan Enterprises went unanswered. We also emailed the company. As of yet we've not heard back.

Baltimore City code states a vehicle left parked in one spot for more that 48 hours will be towed.

WMAR reached out to Baltimore Department of Transportation about the truck and leaking fuel.

A department spokesperson said the leaking fuel is concerning and that our request for removal has been forwarded to tow truck drivers. The concern right now is the size of the truck and getting a rig big enough to tow it away. DOT said it's working on a timeline to have it removed.

"This truck and the leaking fuel are not conducive to a quality way of life," added Rebecca Bark. "This is a park. People come here to enjoy the area. The truck needs to go."

Early Friday morning, the dump truck was towed from Northwest Park! According to DOT, an agreement was made between the owner and vendor to have the truck removed.