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WATCH: Graphic footage shows Maryland officers saving life of stabbing victim

Montgomery County Police officers save stabbing victim's life
Marvel Alston
Posted at 11:13 AM, Jul 31, 2020

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Montgomery County Police have released body worn camera footage of two officers providing life saving treatment to a man who'd just been stabbed.

It all began June 28 just after 4:30 in the morning, when police were dispatched to the 2800 block of Mozart Drive in Silver Spring.

Officers Justin Lee and Addison White found the 28-year-old victim lying unresponsive on the parking lot pavement.

To stop the bleeding, officer Lee applied a tourniquet to a stab wound on the victim's upper arm.

Both officers then worked together to apply an occlusive dressing to another stab wound to the victim’s chest.

Medics later arrived and took the victim to the hospital. He's since been released.

After treating the victim, officers turned their attention to finding a suspect.

Witnesses on scene told police 34-year-old Marvel Alston was responsible.

Alston was arrested after one of the officer's got in touch with him on his cell phone, and convinced him to return to the scene.

Turns out Alston stabbed the victim following a dispute inside a home on Mozart Drive. Detectives also recovered the knife used from the home.

He's currently charged with first degree assault.

“We are proud of these highly trained officers who, without regard for their own safety during this ongoing pandemic, provided immediate care that saved a life. The officers also placed a dangerous criminal under arrest,” said Captain Darren Francke, Commander of the 3rd Police District.

Viewers should be aware the video is quite graphic with strong language. To watch, click here.