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Voters line up to cast their ballots in-person on Election Day

More than 760,000 Marylanders voted early, by-mail
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Posted at 8:29 AM, Nov 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-08 09:35:36-05

BALTIMORE — Hundreds of thousands of Marylanders have already voted early or by mail, but there are still many who prefer to vote in person on Election Day.

There are a few things to keep in mind today according to the State Board of Elections.

Unlike early voting when people could vote at any designated polling place in their county or city, voters must go to their assigned polling spot to cast their ballots on Election Day.

Parents are allowed to take their children with them to vote. Voters can bring one or two kids under age 18 as long as they don't cause any disruptions.

Voters can't use a cell phone, camera, or any type of computer equipment at a polling place; however, they can bring any printed material, including a marked up sample ballot to refer to to help them vote.

Some first time voters in Maryland will be asked to show ID. It can be a Maryland driver's license or ID card; a student; employee; or military ID card; as well as a U.S. passport or any other type of state or federal government-issued ID.

If a voter doesn’t have one of those, they can also bring a copy of a recent utility bill; a bank statement; a government check; paycheck or other government document that has the voter’s name and address on it.

Voters can wear clothing, buttons or stickers supporting their favorite political candidate or cause, but they must leave the early voting center or polling place immediately after voting.

Anyone who takes time off from work to vote but their employer wants proof that they actually voted, can ask an election judge for a Certificate of Participation.

The State Board of Elections says more than 761,000 people have already sent their ballots back.

Anyone voting by mail who wants to get a mail-in ballot for all future elections, can sign up to be put on the permanent mail-in ballot list.

Once a voter is on that list, they won't have to submit a separate mail-in ballot request for each election. they will receive one by mail automatically.

Voters should be sure to update their address with their local board of elections if they happen to move.

People who voted by mail and want to know if their mail in ballot was received, can visit the voter look-up website to double-check the status of their mail-in ballot.