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Volunteers work to restore Greenmount West following scam

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Posted at 9:03 PM, Apr 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 23:17:12-04

BALTIMORE — Back in October, WMAR-2 introduced you to Rosalind Bell.

The Greenmount West resident was living in her home without heat. Her walls were taken down to the studs. It was all the result of scammers following a weather-related event. 

It’s been five months since Greenmount Community West, a Baltimore community, launched its campaign to fix the community elder’s home.

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Raising $40,000, they’re nearing the final stages of the project. 

“We learned a lot through this project,” he center’s executive director Kisha Webster. said. “We were getting a lot of high quotes and learned a lot of the money would be going towards labor.” 

Greenmount West Community Center launches campaign to rebuild senior's home

To help cut down on costs, contractors donated their time. 

“We just had to buy the supplies,” Webster said. “The time people donated, offering their specialized skills. That was amazing.” 

Volunteers have also been instrumental. From clearing out the house to painting, they've donated countless hours. A log list showed no less than five people coming down to help on any given day. 

“Some days we have sign-in sheets full of names,” said Webster. 

On Tuesday, core staff members were busy installing flooring in an upstairs bedroom. 

“The funny thing is, they tell you laminate flooring is supposed to just a click,” joked Akilah McCrorey. “It’s not just a click!” 

It’s at least a two-person team. 

McCrorey had the help of Christopher Johnson. She lined up the flooring and Johnson used a rubber mallet to connect the flooring. 

“Before this project I knew nothing about flooring,” McCrorey said. “Now I can do laminate flooring, tiling, it’s really been an experience.” 

While the project is underway, Rosalind Bell has been staying in temporary housing, the cost paid for by the community center. 

“She wasn’t able to be here today, she had a doctor’s appointment,” said a staff member.  

“She has been so appreciative, expressing her joy. She’s been baking us food. I think that’s why we’ve all put on weight,” Webster joked. “She’s been baking a great deal for us as a form of showing her gratitude.” 

While the project is for Bell, volunteers said they’ve taken valuable lessons away from the rebuild project.” 

“Volunteers, they all come with different skills,” Johnson said. “I’ve learned so much and I’m looking forward to the celebration that comes next.” 

“This has changed how Isee myself, how I see my community, how I see my responsibility to the people around me,” Kennedy McDaniel said. “It’s been life-changing.” 

Volunteers are still needed for minor touch appliance installation, painting and touch-ups. 

If you’d like to help with the project visit Greenmount West Community Center’s website here.