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Volunteers help cleanup Baltimore City alleyways each weekend

Posted at 5:34 PM, Oct 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-05 17:34:44-04

BALTIMORE — Residents in various communities are noticing cleaner alleyways following the efforts of volunteers and city employees.

"Whoever did it, I want thank them. It was wonderful," said Lucy Grubb.

"It looks good," said Mike Kennedy. "It looks like it's supposed to look."

Both Lucy Grubb and Mike Kennedy hold a stake in the McElderry Park neighborhood.

"I've lived here for four years," said Kennedy. "It's my home."

Lucy and her husband Vern own income property.

"Properties are easier to rent when the area looks good," said Grubb.

Both noticed cleaner alleyways following a massive cleanup Saturday.

"We didn't see anyone but we noticed how much cleaner it was Sunday.

The cleanup is part of an initiative by Baltimore City, including City Council president Brandon Scott's office. The cleanups occur every Saturday and target neighborhoods most in need.

"This is in response to the Department of Public Works’ recycling pickup suspension through November 1," said Scott. "We're continuing to mobilize volunteers to support residents across Baltimore with recycling and trash pickup."

Some of the volunteers in this weekend's cleanup included squeegee kids.

"This is not our first rodeo," said Rick Leandry with the Office of Children & Family Success. "We’re doing this every weekend. The council president is doing it. Our youth that squeegee, they're doing it. This gives them a chance to be engaged and have a direct impact in the communities they live in."

The cleanups are expected to last until November 1 when DPW anticipates trash and recycling services to be fully restored.

If you'd like more information on the initiative or would like to volunteer visit