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Community reacts to 2.6 magnitude earthquake reported in Woodlawn

Posted at 4:08 PM, Jun 25, 2021

WOODLAWN, Md. — Did you feel that shake Friday afternoon?

Woodlawn was the epicenter of a 2.6 magnitude earthquake that was felt all over the area.

Thankfully the magnitude of this earthquake wasn’t that high but it was felt wide around the area.

Nobody was hurt and we didn’t have any reports of damage, but people were talking about it all over the area.

It was the minute the earth didn’t stand still for the people who live in Woodlawn.

“I noticed the floorboards to my bed set started to shake,” said Charlene Hopkins. “I immediately looked up out the window because I was like is there a truck coming by?”

A common thought on social media across the area.

People confused about what they just felt.

Patrick Harrison was doing some work outside and said he didn’t feel it but he heard a boom.

“It will be something that we can tell our grand-kids about,” said Patrick Harrison. “Because I think so far since I been in Maryland this is the third time we’ve had an earthquake. The last time was up in the mountains and than twice in this area.”

But it wasn’t just Woodlawn that felt the 2.6 magnitude earthquake.

Nikolaus Remshifskai was working in an office building in Owings Mills but didn’t think anything of the shake initially.

“Realistically I kind of just noticed a couple things shaking, didn’t notice much but we have construction going on above us so our building shakes so I figured it was something like that,” said Remshifskai.

Some people thought a car had hit their building or that construction was going on.

Angelica Iglesia called Remshifskai when she felt it at their home in Federal Hill.

“Picture frames were shaking, I texted him and he didn’t believe me so that was great,” Iglesia said. “Our work connection went off which is also great because it’s a Friday so.”

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