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University System of Maryland no longer requires SAT/ACT scores for admissions

Posted at 7:55 PM, Jun 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-20 19:55:12-04

BALTIMORE — SAT and ACT scores will now become optional after a meeting was held by the University System of Maryland's Board Regents on Friday, June 17.

Each of the 12 institutions throughout Maryland are free to make their own policies regarding the matter, but most of them supported the new policy.

Placement exams in general won't be administered until after acceptance according to the meeting.

University of Maryland Baltimore County President Freeman A. Hrabowski III spoke in favor of the new policy, but also noted the overall importance of standardized tests.

"The fact that we have placement exams will tell us the student's skills," said Hrabowski.

This new plan is focusing on a cultural change according to Linda Gooden, Chair on the Board of Regents.

"The system is moving from a university centered perspective to a student centered perspective," Gooden explained.

Studies show that the tests have cultural bias to them, targeting underserved populations.

University of College Park President Darryll Pines said students don't tend to get into schools because of their test scores.

“Persons of color tend to have biases against them by these tests, and they don’t get in the schools,” said Pines. "This has been known historically, that it’s not a good measure for admissions into universities, and that’s why we have 25 other measures at College Park."