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MedStar Union Memorial doctor retires after 45 years

Posted at 11:25 PM, Jul 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-22 09:26:18-04

BALTIMORE  — Is there a doctor in the house? For 45 years, the answer has always been yes.

Dr. Stuart Bell may be the greatest doctor to wear a stethoscope. He is retiring, make that pulling back on his duties at MedStar Union Memorial.

But you can’t spell MedStar without star, and if you follow this star he will show you how to write a prescription that everyone can read.

What was the day he said, “I want to be a doctor?” “I never said that, my mother said you will be a doctor.”

Now at 72 and after 45 years of practicing medicine, he has really perfected his trade.

He was thinking of being a firefighter, a lawyer, a baseball player, even wanted to be a fire dog, like a dalmatian.

Lucky for us, he decided to wear the white coat. You walk the halls at Union and all you hear is, “hey Dr,” “hi Doc,” "what’s up Doc?”

Now he will spend his days teaching the up and coming Dr. Bells how to treat patients, respect nurses and make people better.

Thanks to Dr. Bell we all feel better in knowing him.