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Trying to grow an industry

Posted at 11:35 PM, Jan 26, 2021

BALTIMORE — Nicole Sherry has been the Head Groundskeeper for the Baltimore Orioles for the last decade and a half.

Now she is moving into an even more prominent national role. She proves the grass is always greener on her side of the street.

"Just that impacted, that feeling that I want to be out there one day", said Sherry who lives in Eldersburg.

Nicole is breaking new ground, planting the seeds so to speak, to get more women to pay in the dirt. She said, "If somebody can see me on the field, representing a female, then maybe they can take a career path".

She has been vote on the exclusive board of Sports Turf Managers. Her career path all changed while attending the University of Delaware.

It was a field trip to Camden Yards where she fell in love with the green grass and the brick warehouse.

"It was an irrigation class, I grabbed the head groundskeeper and got his business card."

Nicole, a native of New Castle Delaware, follows the long great lines of men who put their hands in the dirt, Now, it's her goal to pave the way for more women.

Right now she is one of only two women groundskeepers in Major League Baseball. But she sees more in the minors and colleges.

Women who are studying plants, and the environment, and the sciences. So when you say Field of Dreams, you see Nicole Sherry leading the way.