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Trips That Make Cents: Six Flags America Fright Fest

Not for the faint of heart
Posted at 4:42 AM, Oct 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-20 07:05:41-04

BOWIE, Md. — Halloween is less than two weeks away but you don't have to wait that long or travel far to find ghosts and goblins.

Visitors to Fright Fest at Six Flags America should be prepared to be scared.

With creepy creatures hiding in dark corners and lurking around every turn, guests never know who or what they might encounter in the shadows.

Exploring the dark side at Fright Fest will put the bravest thrill seekers to the test.

Six Flags America public relations manager Joe Pudlick said “Fright Fest is definitely not for the faint hearted. If you scared too easily it’s probably not the place for you. We recommend you come for Kid’s BOO Fest and ride all the rides and then maybe head out at six.”

Pudlick said daytime offers comfort to those fright fest families who are afraid of the dark.

There’s no need to fear things that go bump in the night as there is a wolfman hangs out in the daylight hours just for kids.

“Wolfie’s Halloween Party is a great way for kids to show off their costumes and dance around with our team here at the park. Wolfie really shows a good time and the kids will get to parade around our Boo area and really enjoy showing off their stuff,” Pudlick said.

Fright Fest features five premium haunted attractions which include two haunted trails; two indoor houses; and even a haunted train ride.

There also are four scare zones and three nighttime shows; a magic show; a freak show; and the Dead Man’s Party show

How much park guests pay depends upon their budget, as well as what they want to see and do.

“BOO and Fright Fest are included in any admission product, so you can purchase a one-day ticket as low as $34.99 or you can get a season pass and start now and use it through next year so that’s just starting at $54.99 so there’s really a lot of flexibility,” Pudlick said.

Haunted attraction passes and Express passes cost extra, however the price varies depending upon the chosen date. Weekdays cost less than weekends.

Las Vegas entertainer and magician Aaron Radatz performs two versions of his magic show at Fright Fest. His daytime show is fun for the whole family and features an assortment of mind-bending illusions. However, the magician ups the fear factor for older kids and adults with his nighttime show, Night Scares.

“I play a little Russian roulette with some spikes, we seek out a witch that’s been haunting the theater. We do a lot of things that again, just a little more macabre and a little bit more intense in the magic world,” Radatz said.

No need to fear the witch though, Radatz makes sure the frightful tale has a happy ending, although not for everyone.

“We’re taking the witch, were making her walk the plank up to a platform of tying her hands were 9’ tall pole, and we’re going to set her on fire” Radatz said.