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Toddler bit by brown recluse spider hospitalized

Posted at 9:39 PM, Jun 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-13 08:37:16-04

CHURCHILL, Md. — A Maryland mom noticed something was wrong with her son after a family vacation in Indiana last Sunday.

She said she saw fang marks and redness on her son's hip, but thought it would go away.

"Monday it appeared red but okay," said Tracey Watters, "Tuesday it changed in six hours and he was running 102.5 fever so we went to the ER."

In a Facebook post to family and friends, Watters took 22-month-old Henry to Queen Anne's Emergency Center where doctors told her a brown recluse spider bit her son. She said the bite mark later became painful and hard to touch, causing Henry to have a a fever and a hard time walking.

Henry's bite mark then took a turn for the worst when doctors noticed that, although the swelling was going down, the ulcer was spreading and becoming discolored. Doctors then decided to drain the ulcer in hopes that it would help with the healing process. After a small cut sent brown, foul-smelling pus from the wound, Henry's fever shot up and doctors diagnosed him with sepsis.

Baby Henry was flown to University of Maryland Pediatric ICU by helicopter where doctors ran more tests and treated him with antibiotics.

"Overall Henry is doing great...much brighter, drinking..... not eating and restarted low grade fevers, but overall much better!" said Watters.

She says doctors are unsure if the bite caused the sepsis.

Watters posted on Facebook Wednesday evening that if Henry's MRI show up with no problems, he is expected to return home as soon as Thursday.