Three accused of ambushing, killing motorist for $24

60-year-old Maryland man died
3 accused of ambushing, killing motorist for $24
3 accused of ambushing, killing motorist for $24
Posted at 6:29 PM, Jun 08, 2016

Two men and a woman are accused of luring a motorist into an ambush and killing him for $24, reports WGAL-TV, in York, Pennsylvania.

Ryan Horton, 27, Christian Harris, 19, and Emily Tucker, 21, put a duffel bag in the middle of a Pennsylvania highway, then hid in the bushes hoping someone would stop June 2, according to authorities.

"When the victim stopped his vehicle and approached the duffel bag, Harris and Horton approached the victim. Horton then shot the victim multiple times killing him," police said.

According to authorities, Horton and Harris then both entered the victim's vehicle and eventually tried to dispose of it.  

A 60-year-old Maryland man who was on his way to work died, and his body was later recovered after another motorist hit it and called 911, police said.

The coroner who was called to the scene noticed gunshot wounds on the body, according to court documents.

Horton, Harris and Tucker all face multiple charges including criminal homicide, criminal conspiracy homicide, robbery, criminal conspiracy robbery, theft by unlawful taking and criminal conspiracy theft by unlawful taking charges. All were denied bail and taken into custody.

Police learned of the incident after Tucker reported a domestic assault involving Horton. Police said Tucker told them that Horton had devised a plan to get money by staging a roadside robbery.

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