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'They have my money and won't return my calls': Another WAZ Management tenant speaks out

Another WAZ Management tenant speaks out
Posted at 9:33 PM, Feb 10, 2022

BALTIMORE — A mother of three says she's out $16,000 after doing business with WAZ Management Property.

"They showed me a home, I signed the less, paid upfront and they gave me the keys," said Lesley Cooke. "I was there for three months when someone knocked on the door saying I had to move out because the company never owned the home."

It's the latest headache facing a WAZ Management tenant.

Cooke says after the debacle on Ivanhoe Ivanhoe Avenue, the management company gave her keys to a new place on N. Duncan Street.

"There are still other people's things in here," she said on Thursday.

Cooke's fear is that someone will be knocking on the door saying that WAZ Management doesn't own that property either.

"I don't know what to do," she said. "I have three kids sleeping in this place and the conditions are not good. They have my money and they're not returning my calls."

Cooke contacted WMAR-2 News after seeing a number of stories about poor tenant experiences with WAZ/RIB Management.

WMAR confirmed Cooke had dealings with WAZ Management. She currently has copies of the leases from both the Ivanhoe Avenue Property and the N. Duncan Property.

"It's like they just dumped me here hoping that I would be happy and that they wouldn't have to deal with me," she said.

WMAR reached out to WAZ Management by phone but the company was not accepting messages. Past experiences reaching out to the company has also left with our reporter being ignored.

"It's like they just want money. They don't care," said Cooke.

WMAR has reached out to the city regarding the management company. While the city is aware of various complaints city officials are encouraging people to file a consumer complaint through the Attorney General Office. You can a find a link to the online form here.