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‘These lights go out all the time’: Tenants at Cherry Hill Homes dealing with power outages

‘These lights go out all the time’: Tenants at Cherry Hill Homes dealing with power outages
Posted at 9:37 PM, Mar 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-03 23:07:23-05

BALTIMORE — Talk about a major inconvenience. You pay rent and your utilities but are still experiencing power outages and for no apparent reason. That’s the reality for many people living at Cherry Hill Homes.

“These lights go out all the time,” said tenant Jacqueline Carraway.

“Last time they went off it was from about 10 o’clock to about 4 o’clock in the morning,” said tenant Sheila Gibson.

And we’re not talking just exterior lights. Tenants tell WMAR-2 News everything powered by electricity goes off randomly.

“I was in the middle of cooking when the stove went off,” said tenant Sakeenah Williams. "The washing machine was also on and then it went off. It came back on for five minutes and then it was off for hours again."

Tenants said the power outages happen randomly and as of late are occurring more frequently.

The problem is so bad Jacqueline Carraway bought battery powered lanterns to light the way.

“I put them all through the house,” said Carraway. “I’ve got about six of them and I put them through the house to light the places we use the most.”

Numerous tenants contacted WMAR about the problem.

“It happens throughout Cherry Hill Homes,” said another tenant. “It’s never the whole complex, it’s always just parts of it.”

Tenants say they’ve contacted property management and have gone as far as calling the Housing Authority of Baltimore City.

Sadly, they’ve gotten nowhere, that’s why they called the news to highlight the issue.

“When we call, they tell us it’s the wind,” said Carraway. “But there are times when there are no winds, no storms, no nothing. I think they’re just cutting off power to save money. There should be no reason why the power is going out.”

“These power outages are happening more than twice a month,” said Gibson

WMAR reached out to the HABC about the power problems facing Cherry Hill Homes. A spokesperson said the department is aware of the problems and is working to “mitigate” the problem.