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The home workers: A life of flexibility

Posted at 11:34 PM, Sep 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-25 23:34:35-04

BALTIMORE — Quinn Collins started her Collins and Company PR firm when the 9 to 5 just didn't work for her and after creating the firm, found out there were more homebodies who wanted the same life.

"I have a separate office, I shut the door once and when I'm done with work I leave the office shut door and put the focus on family," said Collins.

Working remote allows her to do many things like get to appointments, meetings and events for her kids. However, it does require you to be disciplined, which Collins said works for her.

"I'm very disciplined, I'm a big schedule gal," Collins said.

It's a tremendous leap from corporate America to off the coast of the kitchen for a quick staff meeting.

"i use to always say 'strap me to a seat and watch me fail, thrive, work from anywhere'," one mother said.

They get the job done from anywhere. Collins even fielded a phone call after delivering her second child, but it was her call.

"You have to be incredibly focused and get to your project," said one mother.

Another mother said that if you're a self-starter, this way of life is for you.