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Talkin' Trash: Neighbors concerned about illegal dumping in the Rosemont neighborhood

Posted at 4:10 PM, May 05, 2021

BALTIMORE — It's another week and a larger pile of trash in the Rosemont neighborhood. A viewer complaint has WMAR-2 News checking out 1300 N. Hilton Street near Normount Avenue.

"It’s just been an ongoing issue," said Roslyn Cottman. "It gets cleaned up and before you know it there's another dump. I was just cleaned up not too long ago."

Our cameras found two mattresses, a metal bedframe, bags of garbage and more. Despite wooden and metal barriers along the street vehicles are still managing to pull up close and dump items that belong in the landfill.

They come in the area, dump whenever they feel like it," said Cottman. "We don’t know if it’s those who are doing construction in the houses that are doing the dumping."

Aside from the garbage there's also concern about natural tree debris and yard waste. It is also piling up along the roadway.

"We don’t want our neighborhood looking like this," said Cottman. "It’s unfair that we have to live with this. There’s a place to dump so use the dump."

WMAR-2 News has reached out to DPW. A spokesperson is looking into the complaint and is working on a cleanup date.