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TABCO approves work-to-rule activity beginning Thursday due to a number of 'crises created or mishandled by Central office'

Posted at 6:28 PM, Apr 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 12:29:41-04

The Teachers Association of Baltimore County has approved a work-to-rule activity beginning Thursday, April 22nd due to a number of "crises created or mishandled by Central office."

The Association says this should continue until all internet issues for in-person and hybrid learning is resolved, "a plan that allows for the option of an in-person learning cohort 4-days a week and a separate cohort for virtual instruction" if they move to 4-day in-person learning, the reimbursement for the 100 minutes of lost planning time from April 8 and 9, "rescind all excessing of staff since the County Executive has funded all the positions reduction of staff for FY22."

They also ask that BCPS explain in detail the steps to which they refer in their current public messaging regarding the personally identifiable information of employees that was posted on the intranet by BCPS and was accessible to the other employees for approximately 1 month.

"We have to work to rule starting April 22nd because it’s our last resort to force the system to address," they say in their detailed vote.

Cindy Sexton, TABCO President said, via email, "TABCO reps did vote on Thursday, April 15th to Work to Rule. That does include no voluntary work. One of the asks is for BCPS to resolve the internet issues. We need this to be able to teach all our students but especially the approximately 70% who are remaining virtual. Educators have gone above and beyond repeatedly this year. Whatever the ask, they continue to provide rigorous instruction by whatever means they can!"