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Superintendent Dr. Williams' under fire, BOE holds "special closed session"

Board of Education
Posted at 12:21 AM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-15 16:17:49-04

TOWSON — Baltimore County Superintendent Darryl Williams continues to defend his record as some county council members question his leadership.

This comes after five of the seven county council members signed a letter, calling for his removal. The letter was sent to members of BCPS' Board of Education on May 21st.

In his own letter dated June 11, Williams pointed to an efficiency review cited by the lawmakers and said Baltimore County Public Schools has committed to 89% of the recommended changes, including a reorganization of the central office, a plan to boost morale and $7.7 million in cuts.

The letter went on to state the school system is addressing teacher shortages, bus driver shortages, and an increase in student suspensions.

"BCPS is grateful for the support of the Council and its investment in our children and staff,” he wrote. “In the spirit of continuous improvement, I remain open to opportunities to share and collaborate with the County Council on how we can work together to improve efficiencies and effectiveness in support of students, staff, and families in Baltimore County Public Schools.”

Read Dr. Williams' full letter below

Letter to County Council by Latrice Hill on Scribd

As previously reported, five council members called for new leadership. Dr. Williams' contract is up for renewal next year.

“We recognize that the last two-plus years have posed significant challenges,” Cathy Bevins, Todd Crandell, Wade Kach, David Marks, and Tom Quirk wrote. “We have all been affected by the pandemic and its direct health consequences and the vast interruptions to our normal way of life. Nonetheless, BCPS has been tasked with perhaps the highest and most urgent calling—the care, safety, and education of our children. But instead of rising to the challenge, BCPS leadership has struggled.”

WMAR 2 News spoke with councilman Tom Quirk last week about the letter.

"We want to make sure the Board of Education take some action," he said. "We’ve had three-and-a-half years. I don’t see anything improving."

WMAR 2 News also reached out to the County Executive for comment.

In a statement Johnny Olszewski Jr. said the hiring and oversight of the superintendent “is the most important responsibility of the Board of Education.” He said the council “has raised legitimate concerns about school system operations that need to be addressed.”

The Board of Education held a special closed-door session Monday. Right now, it's unclear what exactly BOE members discussed.

A regularly scheduled virtual meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.