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Summer delight: Fenwick Bakery heating up its famous peach cake

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Posted at 4:08 PM, Aug 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-05 16:08:59-04

PARKVILLE, Md. — You are craving right now for a “Pig Trough” from Farrell’s. Maybe a “German Chocolate Cake, from Herman’s. How about a “Strawberry Pie," from Haussner’s.

But the true test of time is a “Peach Cake" from Fenwick Bakery.

It is incredible how this became a summer specialty in Baltimore.

You can call him Al, Al Meckel was 18 years old when he started. Now at 61, he owns the place where the Uebersax taught him how to roll dough, as we roll an ankle in our rush to get to Fenwick as soon as the signs go up.

Fenwick Bakery has been serving up goods for 100 years.

“I get in around 2 in the morning and take 18-21 peaches to make one cake," Al Meckel said.

So the peach cake from Fenwick is about a pound of peaches that he gets from Baughers in Westminister.

“The German bakers came to Baltimore and started making Pflaumenkuchen, which is a plum cake. The German geniuses thought lets plunk a peach down instead and a Baltimore tradition was born," Al Meckel said.

Fenwick used to be on Fenwich Avenue, hence the name.

It now sits on Harford Road in Parkville.

It took Al Meckel 23 days to woo his wife into marriage. They have been married for 20 years. Instead of a wedding cake, lets served up a peach cake for the love of Baltimore.

Want to know more about Fenwick Bakery, visit its website here.