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Students plan another protest against plans for JHU private police force

Second town hall scheduled for Sept. 29
Posted at 7:34 AM, Sep 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-29 10:15:35-04

BALTIMORE — Johns Hopkins University students are planning a second protest against having a private police force on campus.

Dozens of demonstrators showed up inside Shriver Hall last week to speak out against JHU having its own police force.

Protestors took over the town hall stage with chants of “no justice no peace,” and demonstrated with signs of “no private police,” “defend democracy on campus,” and “how long until the first kill.”

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Protest organizers tweeted a message about Thursday night’s meeting which reads “shut it down, stop Hopkins police expansion.”

Tonight's town hall is the second of three town halls but this one is expected to look a lot different than the first one.

Anyone showing up to the town hall will have to register online first and show ID to get in but signs, megaphones, and liquids will have to be kept outside.

In an effort seemingly designed to avoid a repeat of last week's demonstration, there will be a designated area outside of the auditorium to protest.

The university's MOU or Memorandum of Understanding with the Baltimore Police Department states the on-campus force would be used to patrol the university's main Homewood campus in north Baltimore, its school of nursing near Johns Hopkins Hospital in east Baltimore, and the area around its fine arts conservatory -- the Peabody campus in Mount Vernon.

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JHU officers would handle non-violent issues as well as accidents without injuries while Baltimore police would continue to cover violent crimes.

In October, the MOU goes back to city council for a second 30-day review and comment period as well as two more town halls.

A final MOU is expected to be approved by the end of the year.

Thursday night’s town hall is at 7 pm at Turner Hall on the Johns Hopkins Medical campus in east Baltimore. The town hall will be livestreamed as well.