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'How did they miss this?' Parents concerned for safety after two students stabbed at Baltimore's Mervo High School

Student charged in stabbing incident in cafeteria
Posted at 2:00 PM, Apr 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 07:10:27-04

BALTIMORE — A fight escalated Thursday during lunch in the cafeteria at Mervo High School, leaving two students injured in a stabbing.

Another student was arrested and charged, according to police.

Video sent to WMAR-2 News shows the fight breaking out between two students before others jump in.

Baltimore City Schools told WMAR-2 that three boys got into a fight and two of them were stabbed. One was stabbed five times. The other was stabbed once. The school system said the boys are expected to be OK.

Fight breaks out at Mervo High School

Parents said they are terrified by what happened.

“How in the world a boy get a knife, a big knife into the school?” said a parent, who didn’t want to be identified. Parents told WMAR-2 News that students at the school are screened daily.


One parent said her daughter witnessed the fight.

The mother said that when she heard about the fight, she immediately called her child.

“I asked her if she was OK,” the parent said. “She was like, ‘Yeah ma, I was right there. I always move away from people when they fight because I don’t want no problems and I don’t want you getting upset.’”

Some parents said Mervo High School is unsafe, saying this isn’t the first incident to raise safety concerns.

“I’m terrified. I honestly want to start looking for a new place to live,” parent Kelly Mckelvey said. “This is, I mean, this isn’t the first incident that happened at the school. It’s a little scary. It’s really scary actually.”

Officials haven't said how the fight started at the school.

Parents were alerted about the stabbing through email.

At the same time, families were told that on the same day a loaded handgun was found in a separate incident.

The student responsible was also arrested.

“How did they miss knives and guns today?” a parent said. “How did they missed this? This is on them. This is on the Baltimore City School Police. This is on them today.”

Students told WMAR-2 they don't think the school can do anymore than they are doing now.

"I wouldn't say that its surprising news to hear, this this of kind stuff happens a lot. I don't think the school can do more. They already beefed up security," said Gavin Mckelvey, student from Mervo High School.

Mervo High School sent parents and family members this letter:

Good Afternoon,

I wanted you to hear from me about an altercation that happened at school today.

City Schools Police were called after two students were stabbed during a fight. Those students were transported to the hospital for treatment and that student that did the stabbing was arrested. No other students were injured, and the school has been secured. School leaders and staff responded promptly, as well as Baltimore City Police and the situation was quickly brought under control. Appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken following an investigation of the incident. During this time, a loaded handgun was recovered, and that student was also taken into custody without incident.

At Mergenthaler Vocational High School, the safety of our students and staff is our top priority. We work daily to ensure a safe and positive environment for teaching and learning. We are disappointed such an incident occurred and will work even harder to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

We will update this article as more information becomes available.