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SS Cafe working to rebound after devastating fire

Posted at 11:14 PM, Sep 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-16 23:14:24-04

BALTIMORE — In a part of town that has more vacant buildings than fine dining a young couple saw opportunity.

The SS Cafe in East Baltimore has been a staple in East Baltimore on Monument street since they opened in 2013.

Sadly, an electrical fire destroyed everything they built.

The Miller’s goal was to serve quality, delicious, affordable food to the neighborhood they cared about.

In their early twenties the Millers took on a labor of love to create a unique and delicious menu.

“We got so familiar with the normal routine of getting up coming on Monument and knowing we are changing and making a difference with what we put in our food and what we show to our peers,” Charles Miller said.

They were closed Monday when an electrical fire ripped through the entire corner building.

“It was like seeing 8 years of like blood sweat and tears,” Charles said. “Trials and tribulations the ups and the downs. You were here last time when we were explaining how we were coping from COVID, and now this.”

Last year I came by to feature the restaurant with the Ride Share Foodie.

Kristian Knight- Miller was in her element on the grill and you could tell how much the staff and her craft means to her.

“They became family to us so that was very hard for me,” said Kristian. “Just to wake up the next day and know that I couldn’t know how their weekend was going from Sunday to Monday. Tuesday was very hard for me because that’s the type of relationship I have with them.”

It could be months before insurance payments are sorted out, and they said the building and all their equipment is a total loss.

They are hoping to get a food truck going by the Spring and start rebuilding a store somewhere in the neighborhood as soon as they can.

“This is just a building, we built a brand,” Charles said. “We built something that people are used to. This logo right here speaks for itself. We don’t have to say too much about it. We’ve been getting a lot of love and support from our customers that have turned family, our family, our supports and that's what’s really keeping us going.”

Like the sun in Sunnyside they believe they will rise again— brighter than ever.

“We coming back like Jordan wearing the 45 that’s all I gotta say,” said Kristian.

If you want to help SS Cafe and their comeback effort click here.