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Some school officials push for in-person learning after data shows increase in failing grades

Posted at 8:57 AM, Dec 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-09 09:01:02-05

MARYLAND — Some school officials have been saying since the beginning of virtual learning that they were concerned with students regressing due to not having in-person teaching and ,now, there's data to prove it.

At Tuesday's State Board of Education Meeting, Dr. Karen Salmon presented data showing the impact on student learning. She pulled specific data from Montgomery and Fairfax Counties that show failing grades have increased tremendously and that some districts are having issues with students not even showing up.

She went on to say the students who don't have reliable internet, an adult at home to help or have to share a space with others are struggling and even those who do have a quiet place to learn and who have a good connection to the school system and a parent to help are having issues with engaging online.

Therefore, she's pushing for in-person learning or, at least, a hybrid model for the second semester.

This came the same day that Maryland officials announced the vaccination plans, stating that teachers and school staff will be in phase two.

Cheryl Bost is the President of the Maryland State Education Association and she went on to say that the state board needs to secure federal funding to help with immediate educational needs, as well as, help in the future. She also believes schooling should remain virtual so students, educators and families have some consistency and to keep everyone safe.

However, Dr. Salmon said the schools are cleaner and safer than anywhere she has been during this pandemic. She believes keeping schools closed is more detrimental to students.

The State Board has another meeting to discuss this in January 2021.