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Some BCPS students experience log-in issues after last week's ransomware attack

Posted at 4:04 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 17:07:38-05

TOWSON, Md. — The return to virtual instruction for Baltimore County Public Schools comes as the answers to last week's ransomware attack remain unknown. As federal, state and local investigators work to identify the group or person responsible, students returned to class. It wasn't without some issues.

Posts to social media told the story of log-in issues.

"Has anyone else not been able to log into the system today," wrote one parent of an elementary school student.

"Also can't log in," wrote Natalie Hollobaugh.

"Finally was able to get my son on," wrote Jenny Franklin. "This has been a pain."

One parent said all her child's Chromebook needed was a reboot.

To help remedy the issue, BCPS put out graphics and how-to guides across social media to help parents navigate the process.

10th grader Jennifer Calle told WMAR-2 News she used her cell phone to attend class.

"I've been waiting for my laptop for three weeks but education is important to me," she said.

WMAR reached out to TABCO to see what pressing issues teachers were facing.

During a sit-down interview, TABCO president Cindy Sexton stressed teachers' focus on getting back to instruction despite network issues.

"My message is, reconnect with the curriculum in some way," said Sexton. "It’s not going to look like typical instruction like I did a week ago. It just can’t at this point but we need to start to take the baby steps to get back to a rigorous instruction."

Sexton said some of the questions that teachers have is whether their lessons plans will be recovered.

"They still don’t know about their personal identifiable information, if that’s been compromised," said Sexton. "They don’t know if the lessons or resources they’ve created are available. There’s a lot of stress about using the new devices for the teachers who is computers were infected so there’s a lot of stress and concern around that."

BCPS continues to give updates via social media. No press conference was scheduled for the day.

If students still to swap out their computer, a BCPS spokesperson said the district will "handle student technology needs on a case-by-case basis."