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Small businesses excited for holiday season as they rebound from the pandemic

Posted at 10:28 AM, Nov 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-26 10:28:00-05

Small business owners are hoping Black Friday kicks off a busy holiday shopping season.

Some businesses had to close their doors permanently during COVID, with the lack of people out and about they just couldn't stay afloat. Others have been able to bounce back within the last year.

The owner of 'A Style Studio' in Pikesville, Lauren Rutkovitz, said the last couple years has been devastating for their business. They've been lucky to stay open because of their loyal customers, but they haven't seen an improvement in sales until recently. Rutkovitz is hoping this upward trend continues.

"I think everybody should really support small business. The big box stores have support. They don’t do for the community what small business does and if people don’t support the small business we really go away," said Rutkovitz. She added, "the small businesses feed the community. We’re the ones who donate to local charities. We’re doing an event for 'The Associated' for giving Tuesday and we’re having another event in two weeks for another organization. We give back as the customers come and support us."

'A Style' even changed up what they carry in the store. Rutkovitz said they decided to carry more gifts this year and dressier clothes like velvet and leather, thinking more people will be going out after being cooped up.

She's hoping everyone supports small business this holiday season.