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Shop Small with Stevie: Pippin's New & Used

Posted at 7:19 AM, Oct 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-14 07:19:25-04

HAMPSTEAD, Md. — A thrift shop that started during the pandemic features all kinds of items and shelves that are never empty.

Pippin's New & Used in Hampstead features anything from furniture to clothing and other amazing treasures. If you're looking for clothes, the general price range is under $10, with some items as low as a dollar. If you haven't picked out a Halloween costume, you can find one at Pippin's.

The shop's owner, Jeff Pippin, says he has not raising prices despite inflation and takes pride in the quality of his items.

"I only sell the better stuff," Pippin said. "If it's chipped, damaged, ripped, tattered, torn...out it goes."

Pippin said most of the stuff in his shop has never been used. Most items still have their original tags. Pippin will even bring them to your door if you're close.

"I do a twenty-dollar delivery within about a five mile-ish radius," Pippin said. "Anything over that, we can discuss."

Pippin said you'll never find empty shelves in his shop. Once something is purchased, there's a bunch of items in bins waiting to go on display.

Pippin's New & Used is open Wednesday through Saturday. Click here for more information.