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Serial thief stole from 30+ vehicles in Westminster

Posted at 4:26 PM, Jun 11, 2021

WESTMINSTER, Md. — Breaking into cars and making off with cash and valuables to fuel a drug habit, 40-year-old Donald Ealy allegedly struck on Logan Drive in Westminster twice in a week’s time and then committed in dozens of other crimes before police caught up with him.

Donald Ealy

“This continued in different areas of Westminster throughout the month of May. Through video surveillance including Ring cameras and store videos from 24-hour stores that were open, investigators were able to develop a suspect,” said Westminster Police Lt. Jeffrey Schuster.

The suspect did a good job covering up his face and wearing non-descript clothing, but a distinctive pair of shoes showed up in all the videos, and he was still wearing them when police located him.

“They started comparing all of the videos together and linked the suspect to all the incidents, wound up filing for charges, criminal summons were issued and he was ultimately taken into custody.”

“Black and white shoes?”

“That is correct.”

Sometimes Ealy came up empty in his search of a vehicle, but in one case, he made off with almost $1500 from the console of an SUV and in another, he scored a thousand-dollar laptop, and he didn’t have to break a single window.

One thing all of these crimes had in common was that the victims had left their vehicles unlocked making it easy for the criminal to find them, as targets.