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Seniors in Federal Hill dealing with elevator issue

Seniors in Federal Hill dealing with elevator issue
Posted at 8:46 PM, Apr 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-01 23:14:22-04

BALTIMORE — It's been weeks of ups and down for seniors living at 201 Warren Avenue.

"It's our elevator," wrote a viewer. "We're constantly having problems with it."

WMAR-2 News checked with Baltimore City of Housing and sure enough, the building was cited with a massive violation.

The violation stated:

"A Housing Code Enforcement Official inspected the property listed above and determined the property was in violation of the Building, Fire and Related Codes of Baltimore City. You are hereby ORDERED to obtain all required permits and to correct all the items cited on this notice on or before March 13, 2022. Individual items on this notice may require earlier completion as noted.

Violation Item # 1: Location: HALLWAY, PUBLIC 3RD FL ELEVATOR DOES NOT WORK Complete within 10 Days Violation: Section 603.1 PMCBC - Mechanical equipment defective. All mechanical equipment must be properly installed, maintained in safe condition and capable of performing intended function. Repair or replace."

The repair was ordered to be fixed by March 13th. That didn't happen.

"It's terrible," said Pam Reis. "It was seven or eight weeks that the thing was down. We had people up on the different floors that couldn’t get down here."

Tenants tell WMAR service with the elevator was shotty.

"When I left at 5 o’clock in the evening it was working," said Patricia Leight. "When I got back at 7:30 it wasn’t working."

WMAR reached out to property management regarding the issue. The manager said she couldn't talk on the phone and would have someone call us back. That hasn't happened.

"That's not surprising," said resident. "They don't take us seriously either."

As of Friday, the elevator was fixed, according to a Housing Department spokesperson.

"We're glad it's fixed," said Leight. "But for how long? Is it going to go out again? We heard that we need an entirely new elevator."

According to a spokesperson with DHCD, a the state is slated to inspect the elevator on April 5th.