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Resident's concerned about safety concerns created by Southeast Baltimore auto business

Posted at 5:38 PM, Dec 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-10 17:38:10-05

BALTIMORE — People living on Hudson Street near Kane Street continue to ask the owner and operator of nearby car dealership and auto repair shop to be a better neighbor.

"He's just a bad neighbor," said Kathy Murphy. "I've given up calling 311."

Murphy who lives in the 6600 block of Hudson Street told WMAR-2 News since A&B Auto opened four years ago, there's been nothing but parking issues. She said cars are constantly parked overnight, some with flat tires, busted windows. Some are parked so close they block a fire hydrant. On top of the, she said there have been numerous occasions where residents have their driveways blocked by customers' vehicles.

"I don't think he would like it if somebody in his neighborhood did it to him," she said. "To come out and see trash piled out everywhere to come out and not even be able to leave your house because your customers are blocking your driveway. To not be able to park in front of your house. It's not fair."

WMAR took those concerns to manager Raj Muzammil. He made it clear the garbage littering the sidewalks near the parked cars are not from his employees.

As for the overflow of vehicles, he said he simply doesn't have the space and people are confused as to where to park. He also cited heavy traffic patterns traveling along Dundalk Avenue and Kane Street.

"When a customer comes here it’s easier for us to park it here instead, along Hudson Street instead of parking on the street or having them park across the street so they can get hit when crossing."

WMAR reached out to Baltimore City councilman Zeke Cohen who represents the area where the complaints are coming in from.

"We've been working on this for a year," said Cohen. "Unfortunately, since the governor's executive order, the Department of Transportation is not able to ticket or tow unlicensed vehicles. However, we have called Code Enforcement and I was actually on the phone with them today dealing with the issue."

During conversations between WMAR and A&B Auto, cars blocking sidewalk access and a nearby fire hydrant were moved by employees.

Muzammil told WMAR he would be a better neighbor.

"We're hoping that constituents and the business can work this out during this time," said Cohen.