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RECALL: Jergens Moisturizer recalled due to bacteria risk

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Posted at 2:23 PM, Mar 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-21 14:25:09-04

The popular moisturizer is experiencing a recall after it was discovered that some may be contaminated with bacteria.

This bacteria poses a risk to people with weakened immune systems.

According to Kao USA Inc., Pluralibacter gergovia bacteria usually poses little risk to healthy people. However, those with compromised immune systems are more susceptible to infection. This pathogen is an ongoing problem for the cosmetics industry.

The products have been removed from warehouses and Kao USA is working with retailers to remove the lotions from the store shelves.

The recalled products were manufactured between Oct. 1, 2021 and Oct. 18, 2021. The lot codes for the 3-ounce size (UPC 019100109971 for single bottles and 019100267114 for pack of three) can be found on the back of the bottle printed in black ink and are: ZU712851, ZU712871, ZU712911, ZU722881, ZU712861, ZU712881 and ZU722851.

The lot codes for the 10-ounce size (UPC 019100109988) can be found on the bottom of the bottle printed in black ink: ZU722741, ZU722781, ZU732791, ZU732811, ZU722771, ZU732781, ZU732801 and ZU732821.

Consumers that have any of the recalled products can call the company at 1-800-742-8798 for a free product coupon. You will receive a postage-paid label and plastic bag in the mail to return the product.

Kao USA Inc., will continue their investigation to determine the scope of the problem and work to improve santization practices to avoid similar issues in the future.