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Ravens on Monday Night Football breathes life into local economy

Posted at 10:13 PM, Oct 11, 2021

BALTIMORE — The Ravens on Monday Night was a win for local business before the coin toss.

The pandemic caused a lot of places to lose staff and cut hours on weeknights.

Turps’ and Viccionos survived the worst of it with carry out and delivery, but says the influx of people inside is huge.

“It makes two hours of you can’t move for a second, it’s really great,” said manager Brad Bloom. “Especially for the carry out and delivery in the area. It’s great for the business and great for the area as well. Just to bring people out and get them walking around it’s something we’ve missed the last couple of years.”

To keep business going he says everyone that works is a hybrid and pitches in.

“Whether you’re from Baltimore or not from Baltimore,” Bloom said. “Tonight you could be from Indianapolis rooting for the Colts it doesn’t really matter. Here we welcome everybody and anybody.”

A lot of fans have been choosing their couch over the stadium and say restaurants give a happy medium.

“We’ve definitely been watching at home,” said Shelby Paige. "I’m just chill on going to the stadium and everything. We haven’t been around people as much.”

The Ravens have another tough game— also at home next Sunday at 1 p.m. against the Chargers.