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Rain and city response make for a quiet night in Fells Point

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Posted at 10:34 PM, Jun 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-11 23:08:59-04

BALTIMORE — The weekend has arrived, and it looks a lot different down in Fells Point.

The city rolled out its action plan this evening after the violent and lawless scene last weekend.

The rain was a better deterrent than anything really.

With all the road closures, its tough for anybody to get into Fells Point.

The business owners I talked to say the real test will be Saturday night when it’s not raining— and they are hoping it doesn’t lead to any confrontations.

There is a sobriety checkpoint at the entrances in and out of the neighborhood.

Nine additional officers, a mobile command unit and eyes in the sky.

Also state police and other agencies vomited uniforms to help out.

Nick Cinella is hopeful this response will help prevent another violent weekend.

“It’s good to see that they are responding to it. It sucks that it takes something to happen for them to be on their game,” Cinella said. “I understand that the police department is probably understaffed and they need more officers. Still you should have officers where you think crime is going to happen.”

The Horse You Came In on hired armed security guards for the weekend— another expense in a year that’s already been difficult because of COVID.

Ralph Boller said he comes down to Fells to fish every weekend.

He was here last week and says it’s frustrating that there is this kind of response here and not all over the city.

“This is a waste of tax people’s money in my opinion,” Boller said. “Instead of being down here how about they up in West Baltimore enforcing those folks up there selling drugs on a regular in front of them and nothings done.”

Louis Thomas with Powerfest Motorsports plans on being here with his guys until 3am Friday and Saturday.