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Pro skaters using skills to save people suffering from addiction

Pro skaters using skills to save people suffering from addiction
Posted at 10:01 PM, Jul 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-21 23:12:23-04

BALTIMORE — Two of Baltimore’s most successful skateboarders have come together to help those suffering from addiction.

Through their skill they hope to show people that no matter how many times you get knocked down you can get back up.

Skateboarding has been Baltimore native Brandon Novak’s one constant in his life.

“At seven years old I received my first skateboard. That night my mother put me in bed and said Brandon what would you like me to do with the skateboard? I said I want it in bed with me, she said why and I said if I die I want it to go with me.”

He became a professional skater—and a TV personality —but he almost lost everything when he became addicted to heroin.

“I was that guy that was deemed unhelpable and unfixable,” said Novak. “Thirteen in patient treatment centers, lost count of outpatient and detox’s. My mother bought me a lot, life insurance polices.”

Novak’s most inspiring landing wasn’t on a board, it was the decision he made six years ago to get clean.

He’s written two books about his recovery journey and will soon have a documentary detailing the more than 20 years he spent in active addiction.

Now he travels the country for Banyan Treatment Centers as a recovery advocate and interventionist.

“As long as you’re breathing it’s never too late. If you’re willing to put fourth a little bit of effort and reach out and ask for help I personally will answer that call,” Novak said. “You can literally call me directly at 610-635-9092. Because together we can do this. Divided is to suffer and to suffer is just not necessary.”

Joey Jett went pro at a very young age.

“I love that it represents that you have to fall and you have to get back up,” Jett said. “There’s no giving up in skateboarding. There’s no faking it.”

Jett is raising funds for a new skate park at the Inner Harbor.

After losing his sponsorship deal, Jett was at a crossroads in his life.

He and Novak went to Barcelona to make this short film and to find ways to use their talents to help people.

“Brandon Novak has a house that he helps people recover,” Jett said. “Through this video I’ve made a clothing drop and me and him together are sending a portion of the proceeds to the Brandon Novak House to help people that are struggling with addiction. Me and him designed the clothing together.”

Here is a link to order Jett merchandise.