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Preparing for holiday travel at BWI Airport

Posted at 5:34 PM, Nov 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-24 06:50:54-05

BALTIMORE — The pandemic pushed travel numbers down last year and it's expected to be quite the opposite for 2021.

While Thanksgiving traffic at BWI is set to be down 15 to 20 percent, TSA officials there say they still expect a crowd.

They expect 30,000 people to leave through BWI today and 31,000 more to leave through the airport tomorrow.

If those numbers happen, it would be an airport pandemic record.

"Basically it's going to be busy busy busy. We're seeing traffic at airports back to very close to pre-pandemic levels. And actually yesterday was the fifth consecutive day of two million or more passengers who came to checkpoints nationwide," said one TSA official.

That official adds that you should treat going to the airport as you did pre-pandemic, give yourself at least two hours to get through security especially at peak travel times.