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Police increasing patrols in Fells Point, Upper Fells and Butchers Hill after uptick in crime

Posted at 7:11 PM, Oct 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-02 19:11:04-04

BALTIMORE — You may have noticed more police in and around Southeast Baltimore. This comes in response to an increase in carjackings, robberies, and smash and grabs in the area.

"We're noticing an uptick in these crimes," said Detective Donny Moses with the Baltimore City Police Department. "We are out on foot handing out pamphlets. We’re just trying to talk to people, engage people, making them aware of things they can do to make sure that they’re safe."

Detective Moses also said patrol are conducting more traffic stops.

"Our patrols are conducting more car stops in neighborhoods. Sometimes people just don’t Look like they belong. Not to profile, however, just to be vigilant and to remain vigilant," he said.

It's not just police who are spreading the message to be more aware.

Chris Yingling told WMAR-2 News not to let your guard down. He was a victim of a smash and grab near S. Wolfe and Aliceanna.

"I left my watch in sight," he said. "I came out around 5 a.m. and noticed glass in the street."

Yingling said the only thing of value the person took was his backpack.

"I’m in trade school to become an electrician. So yeah, I had my bookbag sitting on my passenger side and I guess they grabbed it thinking something might be in it and took all my books."

He's hoping someone finds his backpack with his textbooks inside. As for his window he's ordered a replacement and plans to fix it himself.

In the meantime, he's telling people to be alert.

"Just don’t keep anything valuable in your car, bottom line," he said. "Visible or not because my tools were all in my trunk. Luckily, they didn’t pop my trunk and check it but just don’t leave anything valuable in your car.