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Officer-involved shooting leaves one family displaced on Christmas day

Posted at 6:41 PM, Dec 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-27 18:56:30-05

BALTIMORE — A police involved shooting left one man in the hospital and neighbors who witnessed what happened said their Christmas holiday was torn apart because of this incident.

Saturday afternoon just before 5:00 police responded near Crawford and Belle Avenue to a man suffering from a behavioral crisis. When they got there while speaking with 59-year-old Barron Coe he started shooting at police and they returned fire striking him.

Marvin Grinnage who watched the entire incident unfold said one of the scariest moments is when he had to rush his young daughter to safety.

“When I started hearing the gunshots I immediately had to move her to the front of the house to make sure that any stray bullets wouldn’t come through that wall. I saw he was out on the front porch yelling at the police officers and the police officers were yelling at him put the gun down then he also yelled out I have explosives in here,” Grinnage said.

Outside Coe’s home we counted around 9 security cameras and Grinnage said he’s seen police at the house before. And, after Coe made a threat about explosives things got even more serious.

“We were actually told that we were going to have to leave later on that evening, because they had to do a search on the house and they have to make sure there weren’t any explosives,” Grinnage said.

After the shoot out that man was then taken into police custody and sent to the hospital where he is listed in stable condition, and sadly neighbors think his issues with mental illness is what caused this incident.

“To see somebody get riddled of with bullets like how he did it was just a different kind of thing and it’s on Christmas. I was definitely heart wrenching to watch,” Grinnage said.

Police said detectives are still investigating what happened but Barron Coe is being charged with several accounts of first and second degree murder , first and second degree assault and reckless endangerment among other charges. Police also added the explosives at Coe’s home were inert and free of explosive material.

The involved officers include Sgt. Steven Evans (17 years of service), Officer Casey Miller (1 year of service), Officer Devon Galanos (2 years of service), Officer Lamont Woodard (3 years of service), Officer Nydia Rios-Arroyo (4 years of service) and Officer Charles Thomas (4 years of service).

The Special Investigation Response Team (S.I.R.T.) continues to investigate this incident and the department has activated its Public Release of Critical Incident Recordings Policy.