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New LGBTQ youth homeless shelter in Baltimore burglarized

New LGBTQ youth homeless shelter in Baltimore burglarized
Posted at 9:55 PM, Oct 05, 2021

BALTIMORE — Project Genesis is a new facility in West Baltimore focused on helping LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness.

This week their apartment facility should be filled— but instead they are dealing with repairs after someone broke in and trashed the facility.

Ja’Nae Tyler is the Program Director for Baltimore Safe Haven, who runs the facility.

She said this building on North Edmondson Ave was built as a safe space.

“Having spaces like this where you don’t have to couch surf or rely on friends,” said Tyler. “You’re able to have a program that’s willing to pour into you and give you those resources and all things things you need to become self sufficient.”

Security cameras caught a man breaking into the facility.

Police arrested him— and the people who run the facility say he destroyed several TVs, furniture and other items inside.

Tyler said the man had come by before.

“There were some derogatory comments around sexuality and gender. Threatening if we don’t move things will happen. He proceeded to ask us to pay him in order for us to leave him alone

The man tried to break in twice.

The first time he hopped the fence and the security system went off.

He was scared off he jumped back over the fence and left .

The second time though he jumped the fence made his way over to the door somehow opened it and broke in.

“A lot of times hate comes from misunderstandings and the lack of knowledge, so get to know us,” Tyler said. “One day their child may need us. If you tear down what we’re trying to build up what resources will you have if your child ever needs us?”

A safe space breached but not broken.

They will continue their mission and hope that people will get on board instead of making it harder.

They are accepting donations to replace the damaged and stolen property.

To help out click here.