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New Era Baltimore helping families

Posted at 11:13 PM, May 14, 2021

BALTIMORE — Tonight, dozens of families have a free box of groceries and more importantly, a new connection to men and women who want to help.

A group with members from across the country working to make change in our communities.

Door by door they march through the community surrounding Gilmor Homes.

“There’s a need in the city of Baltimore for people, particularly single moms without transportation and the elderly that don’t have access to grocery stores or transportation to the store. We are here to bring that to them. Deliver resources, PPE, diapers, whatever the community may be in need of,” Sadie Masai from New Era Baltimore said.

New Era Baltimore became one of the 16 chapters under the nationwide umbrella last December.

“The food is just that first connection to really do outreach. To build with them and have a genuine connection with the community,” said Brother D, New Era Baltimore President.

This group is made up of leaders from Detroit, Chicago and other cities...all in Baltimore to show support.

“When you get to moving around you understand we face the same issues in our particular cities," Founder and President of New Era Baltimore. "It’s the same thing so developing a formula around that so that we can be more impactful and build a network to organizers to stay focused on the ground level. Ground work is a lot the work that gets overlooked when you talk about rebuilding communities. We gotta be able to build relationships and bonds with the people.”

If you’ve noticed they are in two lines behind the Uhaul truck. They say organization is key. That’s a big part of why they are starting chapters across the country. They say if you’ve got unity in every neighborhood- hood 2 hood you can reach the entire country.

“What we see in our cities and this country is bigger than Baltimore, it’s bigger than Chicago, it’s bigger than Detroit. It’s the energy that’s missing, it’s the organization that’s missing. It’s the execution that’s missing. A lot of people will say what they want done in the community, but they are not out here putting their feet to the pavement.”

They come from different zip codes with the same passion to save our communities.

“I’m passionate about my people and I’m passionate about those who are in need in general. That’s why I’m here. It makes you feel good to actually serve others.”

A new era and a group committed to changing the long-standing problems that plague our communities.

Tomorrow they will be in Philly and they will head to Cleveland after that. Members of New Era Baltimore will travel but most of the group will stay in Baltimore serving this community.