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New B&O Railroad exhibit opening Saturday

B&O Railroad new exhibit
Underground Railroad Room
Underground Railroad Interact Sign
Underground Railroad Box Vid
Underground Railroad Box Video
Posted at 3:04 AM, Sep 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-23 09:09:43-04

BALTIMORE, Md — Tomorrow the B&O Railroad Museum will be opening their newest permanent exhibit called The Underground Railroad: Freedom Seekers. The exhibit tells the story of 27 slaves who traveled along the B&O in search of freedom.

Visitors will have the chance to see how the actual railroad was used within the underground railroad. We spoke with the Director of the museum-Kris Hollen- who told us the B&O Museum “is the only network to freedom site that focuses on the role of the physical railroad in the underground railroad” and that “this is something unique to Baltimore because Baltimore is the birthplace of the railroad.”

This unique experience will also use interactive pieces to teach various secret codes used by freedom seekers when traveling along the underground railroad. Other interactive pieces include a touch screen map that shows its users the different trails used by freedom seekers both on and off the railroad. Hollen tells us the museum will continue to update the map as they learn more. This new exhibit can be experienced in the museum’s historic Mt. Clare Station.

The unique part about the exhibit’s location is it’s more than just another area of the museum. According to the museum’s website, it is the “exact location 8 freedom seekers including Henry “Box” Brown, William and Ellen Craft traveled.” Hollen told WMAR the museum that whole portion of the building was redone to replicate how the station looked back then. Aside from the recreation of the station’s look, visitors have the chance to be immersed in the story of Henry “Box” Brown.

You enter what would be a waiting room for the station. The room has three white walls, one wall with stories of freedom seekers, a box, and projectors. The wall with the freedom seekers stories allows you to click a button that transforms the entire room into nothing less than an unforgettable experience. Visitors click the button and begin to hear, see, and feel the stories of Henry “box” Brown and Ellen and William Craft. Each story takes you along their journeys and shares the trials and tribulations each went through whether as a couple or an individual.

Unlike most exhibits at the museum, visitors will need to make a reservation to visit.

The B&O Museum says reservations are required so “every visitor has a good experience” and those without a reservation will not be “guaranteed access to the exhibit.” Tickets range in price depending on age however each 30-minute time slot offers 30 tickets per age range. At this time opening day tickets for 2pm and later are sold out. Other time frames however are available with limited tickets.