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‘My car’s been hit twice on this road': Neighbors in Baltimore's Pigtown concerned with safety on Washington Blvd

Posted at 10:07 PM, Apr 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 23:09:17-04

BALTIMORE — Talks about traffic and pedestrian safety have reignited after multiple cars were hit on Washington Boulevard in Baltimore's Pigtown early Friday morning. 

According to Baltimore Police, the driver of a 2013 Dodge pickup truck hit a 2015 Acura. Following the initial hit, the driver reportedly lost and struck several vehicles. 

A total of six cars were hit around 12:55 a.m. 

“I heard a screeching and a lot of bangs,” resident Lisa Dailey said. “I looked out my window hoping my car wasn’t hit. It wasn’t but my daughters was.” 

Video catches reckless driving in Baltimore's Pigtown

Dailey said this isn’t the first time Washington Boulevard has seen an accident. 

“My car’s been hit at least twice,” she said. 

Cars damaged in Baltimore

Another neighbor told WMAR 2 News the area is known for speeding, especially near the intersection of West Cross Street and Washington Boulevard. 

“We see speeding all the time,” said one woman. “There’s a lot of accidents.” 

Then, there’s the issue of illegal dirt bike riding.

Neighbors in Pigtown said it’s a safety hazard for everyone. 

WMAR 2 News reached out to the neighborhood group Citizens of Pigtown regarding the issues along Washington Avenue. 

“It’s quite normal for us,” said Citizens of Pigtown President Diante Edwards. “Although it is a nuisance, there’s not a lot we as a community can do about it.” 

Vehicles damaged along Baltimore street

But it’s not for a lack of trying. Citizens have logged complaints with the city. 

“We’re almost always told that the city can’t do anything about it either,” he said.

Residents complain about drivers crashing into cars


As for the accidents, community groups are working on solutions. 

“We have met with DOT and our city council person,” said Edwards. 

Vehicles wrecked in Baltimore

DOT recently completed an area traffic safety study.  

The findings and traffic calming projects are expected to be addressed at the next neighborhood meeting on May 10. 

“We’re hoping that the traffic calming that we have coming into the neighborhood is going to slow people down,” Edwards said. “Hopefully it’ll make them think a little bit more when they’re on the streets so that these things happen.” 

As for the driver involved in Friday morning’s crash, police say he wasn’t arrested or cited as he stayed on scene. 

“Right now, we’re just waiting for the official police report so we can submit it to insurance,” said Dailey.