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Armored police vehicle saves officer's life after fugitive opens fire in Mount Airy

Mount Airy man opens fire on police trying to serve warrant
Mount Airy man opens fire on police trying to serve warrant
Karl Tomanek
Posted at 12:29 PM, Jan 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-15 12:48:19-05

MOUNT AIRY, Md. — An armored police vehicle is credited with saving an officer's life after a fugitive opened fire on them, Thursday in Mount Airy

Karl Tomanek, 34, was initially wanted in connection to an April burglary in Howard County, in which $25,000 of equipment was stolen.

On January 14, officers went to his home on Shaffersville Road to serve a warrant.

As police approached the neighborhood in an armored vehicle, Tomanek reportedly came out and fired two shots at them.

Only the windshield of the vehicle was struck.

Luckily it happened to be bullet proof, which prevented the officer from being shot.

“Our community almost lost an officer yesterday,” said Police Chief Lisa Myers. “If not for the protection of the armored vehicle, this event would have ended very differently."

Despite being under gunfire, police say the officers never shot back and were able to talk Tomanek down and take him into custody.

"After taking fire, these officers were able to resolve this very dangerous situation without injury, thanks to their outstanding training and judgment, as well as the critical equipment that saved their lives,” said Chief Myers.

A search warrant later uncovered multiple firearms and ammunition inside Tomanek's home. Police say he was previously prohibited from possessing any of it.

He now faces a slew of charges including attempted murder and is being held without bail.