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Mother's Day flowers in short supply

Consumers urged to shop early
Flower Mart 2022
Posted at 8:04 AM, May 03, 2022

BALTIMORE — Anyone thinking of buying flowers for Mother's Day this weekend should order them sooner than later or they might find themselves empty-handed.

According to the New York Times, supply-chain issues and poor growing conditions have led to a global shortage of fresh flowers.

Flower have been in short supply since Valentine's Day this year, but with inflation up since January, it’s one other factor driving up prices.

Mother's Day is one of the most popular holiday for buying flowers, but a shortage of fresh flowers may have many looking for other options to give to their moms.

Some florists say the current shortage is nothing like last year's.

While retail stores may get every flower ordered in stock, the amount of stock received is low.

The supply of flowers is so low that some florists are sharing supplies with other shops.

Talented designers also are in short supply, as well as the supplies needed to make floral arrangements.

Items such as vases are affected by supply chain issues and because of inflation, prices for flowers have also gone up.

Shipping costs are causing price increases for florists on just about everything.

According to CNBC, even a busy Valentine’s Day wasn’t enough to help keep shares of the company 1-800-Flowers blooming last quarter.

The consumer cable network reports shares of 1-800 Flowers tumbled 15% last week.

Despite big flower buying holidays like Valentines Day, Easter, and Mother's Day, inflation has cause many consumers to cut back spending on everyday gifting outside of those special occasions.

Mother's Day is five days away, so it's recommended to shop early especially if buyers need to have their flowers delivered.

People who run out of luck or can't find their mom's favorite flower, can surprise their mothers with something different or consider other options for gifts.